Disable Facebook Ads | Stop Brands Use your Name

How to Disable Facebook Ads using Your Name

We always see various Brand and Facebook Pages using your Friends Name and comes on top of your Facebook feed page and try to convince you to Like that page or click on the promotion they are offering. Similarly your friends also must be getting promotions of pages you already have liked. 

facebook security tricks disable facebook ads how to

Something like below:
disable facebook ads stop brands use your name

So, other Brands using your Name in front of your friends to gain more business. Actually nothing wrong in that, as they are already paying to Facebook for such promotions. But sometimes you may prefer not to disclose your information or likes with your Friends and disable Facebook Ads using your name.

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Let's learn how to Disable Facebook Ads

1) Login to your Facebook account

disable facebook ads brand using your name

2)  Click on "About Me" or "your name" on top left corner

how to disable facebook ads

3) Scroll Down to find your "LIKE" section, Click "Edit section" and select "Edit Privacy"

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4) Change "Others" and "Interest" privacy to "Only Me"

That's it. Now, your Liked pages won't be using YOU for their Advertisements. :)

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Backup your Facebook Data in 5 Easy Steps

There are various reasons, why we need to always take backup of our Facebook Account!
  • Lots of important status we need to keep for future reference
  • Hundreds of photos we uploaded on Facebook
  • Our Friends and huge contact list we have maintained
  • Our likes and favorite pages 


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How to Take Backup of your Facebook Data

backup facebook account data

 # 1. Login to your Facebook Account

# 2. Goto Account settings and find Download Facebook Data option

# 3. Select which kind of download you wants to do, you may select expanded download option for detail download options. You can always click "Learn more"  to get exact idea on what it downloads

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# 4. Confirm your Download

Once you click "Start My Archieve" you will receive confirmation that Facebook team will send an email to you with your account information and that you can download from email.

# 5. Open your backup and extract information and photos

Once you get email from Facebook, you will get a folder named your username and that contains two sub folders named HTML and Photos. HTML folder contains your likes, status, Friends and their email addresses (if provided) etc. and Photos contains all your photos on Facebook.

So, now you are ready with the backup of your Facebook. In case you lose your Facebook account because of any reasons, you are now safe as your Facebook backup is handy with you.

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How to Delete Facebook Messages from iPhone Mobile or iPad

Delete FB Messages from iPhone, iPad

We often require to Delete few unwanted messages on our iPhone or iPad Facebook applications. If we delete Facebook messages in rush, we won't be able to get it back as we can't undo deleted messages on Facebook applications for iPhone and iPad. Hence always be careful before deleting Facebook messages from your iPhone.

Let's learn how to Delete Facebook Messages from iPhone, iPad

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1. Open Facebook Application

delete Facebook messages from iPhone ipad 

2.  Select "Messages" from options

delete Facebook messages from iPhone ipad 

3. Select Conversation you wants to Delete

delete Facebook messages from iPhone ipad

 4. Select one of the "Message" you wants to Delete


5. Once you TAP over that message, you will get "Copy and Delete" option, Tap on Delete


6. Confirm you want to Delete this message (No Undo possible)


7. Your selected Message is Deleted Now


And you have done with delete messages from your iPhone mobile or iPad tablet. 

22 million user IDs of Yahoo Japan Stolen | Hacker Attack

Hacker attacked Yahoo Japan Server

Most of the net surfers are having a Yahoo account, but there is a shocking news for Yahoo users as last week there was a hacker attack on Yahoo Japan and as per the report around 22 million user IDs may have been leaked.
Yahoo Japan User ID hacker attack

But good thing is that, passwords and other confidential informations are still secure and hackers could take only IDs which are already a public information. These IDs are open for all net users, as everytime Yahoo Japan IDs has to be entered while online shopping or auction.

Last thursday, Yahoo Japan found a file contains around 22 million user IDs on server harddisk and they are not sure if this file has been taken or transferred outside their company network but they are saying possibilities are there and they can't deny it before proper audit report comes out.

Although Yahoo Japan already posted warning on the site during login page as well as posted some additional service for usres to check if they are part of affected IDs. If users founds their ID in that list, they can change password and secure their login.

Download Movie in one Second using Samsung 5G

Download Movie in one Second using Samsung 5G 

Techno giant, Samsung announce today that they have successfully tested 5G wireless technology that is going to amaze users with very high speed internet and as per the current testing results users will be able to download entire movie file just in one second.

Though this new technology of 5G will not be in commercial use before 2020 as per current situation. But once it's up and running, will provide data transmition speed up to several hundred times faster than current 3G and 4G networks.

Samsung said that they have done data transmission of more than 1GB per second during their testing and the distance kept at that time was around 2 kilometres. And upon completion of this report only they have confirm the numbers to media.

Upon release of this service, 5G users will be able to enjoy 3D movies, high resolution games, HD movies and much more over internet without much hassle. Also users can transfer huge data files for their business as well as personal use.

During the test samsung used around 64 antenna elements, which overcame the issue of "unfavourable propagation characteristics" that have prevented data travelling across long distances using the bands.

One of the most wired countries on earth, South Korea already has around 20 million 4G users.

Information source: indiatimes

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Features, Price in Dubai

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Launched in UAE

Galaxy Note 8.0 Features and Price in Dubai

samsung galaxy note 8.0 Features price in dubai uae

UAE gadget lovers will be having a great time, as Samsung has launched their 8-inch Galaxy Note 8.0 in the local market today. 

New design for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 having great performance, multitasking and voice calling functionality in built, Samsung call new device as "evolutionary" into tabular world.

New Galaxy Note 8.0 will be having multi-window options which will help to split 8-inch screen to access multiple application at a time; a picture of your family on left, along with pdf reader on right to read e-books. As excellent speed of new device, you can smoothly work on multiple application together with same screen.

New features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 named S Note and S Planner will surely help to manage routine day to day activities, like managing to-do list, minutes of meeting, personal diary etc. whereas Content entry is will be more easier with the updated S Pen. S Pen is basically new technology to provide users a traditional pen and paper experience.

Unlike previous versions of Galaxy Note, newly launched Samsung Note 8.0 will be having lots of pre-loaded applications which users require in day to day routine. Chat-On will be upgraded and quite useful for instant messaging, also users can have multiple formats for group chatting including images, video, voice, contacts etc. can be shared while chatting.

As per Head of Samsung gulf Electronics Mr. Denzil D'Souza: "The Galaxy Note 8.0 heralds the next stage in evolution for the category, as we have continued to build upon the success of its predecessors to deliver the best Note device yet"

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price in Dubai

As Samsung has officially launched Galaxy Note 8.0 for Dubai market, though it's not official price but it seems price for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 will be around 1200-1500 Dhs in Dubai and UAE market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features

  • 1.6GHz quad-core processor
  • 2GB of RAM,
  • 1280 x 800-resolution WXGA screen
  • 5-megapixel camera on the back
  • 1.3-megapixel camera on the front
  • the S pen, with improved software to it
  • Smart Stay feature, the same as in Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean
  • Reader’s mode feature (changes screen brightness for better reading)
  • IR blaster
  • Smart Remote app

Put Text on Pictures using Paint | How to Edit Photos

Learn how to place text on Photos using Paint

We always wonder how our Friends are placing text on pictures, most of the time we see natural photos with nice Quotes written on photos. We also can see lots of Gujarati Suvichar over Facebook and always wish if we can make such Photos ourselves and also some Funny Photos with Caption and wonder how people can edit pictures and place text on them. Friends, believe me; it's quite easy and you can place text on Pictures using your window's inbuilt MS Paint program.

Let's learn how to place text on Photos using Paint Software.

  • Select Photo in which you want to place text and save them on your computer

  • Open MS Paint from your window's start menu

  • Open selected photo in MS paint (use Ctrl + O as shortcut)

    place text in your images using paint 

  • Select " Text " option from Toolbar

  • Drag mouse over area where you want to place Text and Select "Transparent" option as well as required font size as shown

    place text in your images using paint


  • Write text you desire.

    place text in your images using paint

  • Save the picture and use it in your Facebook

So, isn't it very simple using Paint to add text in your picture?

Indian invented first Braille smartphone to help blind users

Indian invented first Braille smartphone to help blind users

smartphone for blind braille

Smartphone's have given a big change to a normal person's life and help a non technical person too into using advanced technology in their routine life and that too without having much technical knowledge. Recently Indian company has developed first braille smartphone to help blind smartphone users with the use of that they can read SMS or emails easily on their phone.

As per report an company at IIM-A has developed this unique smartphone to help blinds and very soon this will come to the market for users.

At IIM - Ahmedabad at (CIIE) Centre for Innovation Incubation and Enterpreneurship Mr. Sumit Dagar's team has developed this smartphone which is going to be quite popular among blidn people as they can easily read (listen) SMS or emails as well as send SMS or emails in any regional or international languages they wants, smartphone will converts it into blind-friendly braille mode.

As per reports and interview of Mr. Dagar "Smartphone is based on an innovative touch screen which will be capable of elevating and depressing the contents it receives to transform them into touchable patterns.”. He said this idea undertook 3 years back when he was at NID (National institute of Design).

As per Mr. Sumit, he is now collaborating with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi to develop the “world’s first braille smartphone.”

Let's wait for more news on the same and we all wish such innovation will surely give proud to India.

How to Schedule Facebook Posts in Advance | Status Update Scheduler

How to Schedule Facebook Post in Advance

Status Update Scheduler

Schedule Facebook Post Status in Advance
courtesy: http://webuildbuzz.com

By increasing the use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, we often require to post something on some particular time and always wish if we can schedule our Facebook posts in advance, so we won't forget to post it when desired.

No worries, Now you can have various methods to schedule your Facebook posts in well Advance.

* All method represents third party applications and those may use your Facebook credential to schedule your Facebook posts, once you finish using such 3rd party applications, I strong suggest to remove unused applications from your Facebook for security reasons.

Let's learn How to Schedule Facebook Posts In Advance & Update Status

Method 1 : Using HooteSuite

You can easily schedule Facebook posts and updates using HooteSuite Facebook client. There are Free and Paid users, if you are free user you cannot schedule bulk updates all together. Still application will provide you to schedule any number of posts individually.

Let's see How to Schedule Facebook posts using HooteSuite

Visiting HooteSuite site, you can choose Facebook option and allow HooteSuite application to use your Facebook credential. Once this finish, you may receive Dashboard as shown. Simply click on Schedule option to Schedule Facebook status update.

How to schedule facebook post in Advance

You can click on calendar to select expected date and time for the scheduling post and press OK button during new Facebook post schedule.

How to schedule facebook post in Advance

When you update your status through HooteSuite, direct application link will appear along with your published status. Here you go, your status update is published as per below:

Facebook Status scheduler message

So, this was how you can Schedule Facebook Posts in Advance using HootSuite and update your Status.

Let's learn another method to schedule your status update.

Method 2 : Using LaterBro

Using LaterBro application you can easily schedule Facebook status update or any future Facebook posts. Main disadvantages using LaterBro for Facebook status update is that apps will allow only 140 characters, you can't add images for your status, but you can include links. LaterBro will give option to schedule Facebook post at 15 minutes interval along with recurrence options for daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly.

Let's see How to Schedule Facebook posts using LaterBro

Visiting LaterBro site, you can choose Facebook option and allow LaterBro application to use your Facebook credential. Once this finish, you will receive option to enter and schedule your posts as per below. Where you can type your status to be schedule and choose date and time to publish.

How to schedule facebook Status update in Advance

Here, you can choose re-occurance option if you like to re-post same status every week, year or month. Once you schedule your Facebook post or multiple posts, you can see the summary as shown below from where you have chance to modify or delete any future post or status updates.

How to schedule facebook Status update in Advance

Here you go, your scheduled Facebook status is published on your wall.

How to schedule facebook Status update in Advance

So, LaterBro will ease your life by giving you option to Schedule your Facebook Posts in Advance. You can now able to update your Facebook status in Advance using any one method i have described above.

Vodafone Mobile Internet Trial Pack Offer

Trial Pack Offer for Mobile Internet 2G and 3G users

Looking at increasing use of internet over mobile phones, India's Vodafone has recently introduced some trial packs to avail net browsing facility to 2G and 3G subscribers. Aim to have this offer is to increase the internet users on their network.

As per the report, 2G subscribers have to shell out Rs. 25 and Rs. 49 will be for 3G plan subscribers. This trial packs will be available for prepaid as well as postpaid customers and pack will be having a valicity of 7 days and users can use maximum of 500MB data usage during trial period.

Since it's a trial offer from Vodafone  subscribers won't be able to purchase it as a paper recharge or e-top up service, to activate this plan Vodafone users will have to send an SMS 'TRY' to 111

If the prepaid subscriber already subscribed to an Internet pack, this plan will overwrite their current pack. While for the postpaid subscriber, the trial pack would be additive and customer can go back to the current Internet pack they already have once the trial is over.

As per Vodafone news, this trial internet pack will not be auto renewed. Hence if subscriber wants to continue after completion of Trial internet offer from Vodafone, they have to subscribe through customer care.

As per Mr. Vivek Mathur, Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone India, "Our core objective is to drive mobile internet adoption among non-internet users. In our endeavor to provide differentiated experience to our customer, we have introduced a new category of trial packs to make mobile internet more interesting, less intimidating for them. We see tremendous potential in this offer as non-users will be able to discover the benefits of mobile internet and how it can change their lives."

The most popular Zoozoo of Vodafone brought back by Vodafone as part of internet awareness campaign by them. Vodafone's Zoozoo fan page on Facebook is reached to 10 Million Facebook fans and to celebrate this event, they have created an exclusive video with an nice and interactive FB application.

Hope, more users will take benefit of this offer and get easy, faster internet over their mobile phones.


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