How to type Gujarati from your desktop / laptop

Type in Gujarati from desktop

Learn to Type in Gujarati

It's very easy now. Before there was long procedure, if you want to type something in gujarati or other languages. I still remember those days, when i was installing some special fonts, installing some 3rd party softwares like CDAC and etc. and then i was able to type in gujarati. Again headache was, when i need to send those gujarati to someone they had to work a lot to read it.

But, now Thanks to Google, we have very easy way to type in gujarati.

1) If you don't want to install any software in your computer, click here and you can type in gujarati, copy your typing and paste wherever you want

2) Don't want #1 headache everytime, then install Google IME by clicking here and once you have this installed, you can use your "shift+alt" key to toggle between english and gujarati typing keyboard

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