How to Share Music File on Facebook

Guide on How to Share Music on Facebook

As we all use Facebook share photo or video option, but we always think to have Facebook audio sharing option.

Unfortunately we haven't yet inbuilt audio sharing option on facebook, and that's why I will teach you here, how easily you can share your audio file, whether it's MP3 song or your own voice recorded through mobile.
Listen Audio MP3 on Facebook
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Step 1: Check the format of audio file

Step 2: If it's not mp3 file, convert your audio file into MP3 format. Specially if audio file was recorded on mobile, it required to be converted to supported format. There are many audio converters available free of charge. One of those is Mobile Media Converter.

Step 3: Identify best website you can use to upload your audio file to be shared on facebook

If you don't know any specific website, I will suggest to use Soundcloud, which already supports AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR and WMA file formats.

Click Here to get file upload screen of soundcloud website for audio file upload

Upload Music file for Facebook Sharing

Step 4:  Login to facebook where you want to share your audio file. When you upload your file as per Step 3, you would have received a link. Share that link as a status and your friends will be able to get a friendly player along with your status to listen your uploaded audio file.

Step 5: Always keep in mind that avoid sharing copyrighted files. Also try to avoid sharing files on unsecure website.

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