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How to Unfriend a Facebook Friend

Facebook is the most popular social network among all and it's never been a good idea to Unfriend someone on Facebook. But these days people are using Facebook with fake ids and fake profiles. Even without your permission they keep tagging you on photos and posts which are not of your interest.

In such cases, we need to look into unfriend option for such people.

Although it's quite easy and simple to unfriend someone on facebook.

Step 1: Open that person's profile by selecting his name from search box or click on his name from any of his posts.

Step 2: Take mouse over "Friends" button below his cover picture and right side of his profile picture.

Unfriend someone from Facebook

Step 3: Select "Unfriend" option, which is last from the menu.

Unfriend facebook friend

Step 4: Confirm your "Unfriend" request

Congratulations, you are now no more friend with selected person and you have unfriend him from your friendlist.

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