Change iPhone APN Setting on 3gs, 4, 4s, 5

Change iPhone APN Setting on iPhone 3gs, 4, 4s, 5

As market is going toward newer gadgets and people love to have advanced gadgets to use in day to day life, iPhone has captured big portion of gadget market world. Access Point Names (APN) which is basically useful to get IP address in iPhone 5 and earlier versions. by having this APN user can have internet access. Most of the iPhone users are finding it difficult to get into hardware side and internal structure of operating system because of more security and complexity.

Change iPhone APN Setting for Iphone 4, 5

In order to find the APN settings in your iPhone
go to Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data.

How change APN on iPhone
Step 1: Connect your iPhone to wireless network
Make sure 3G or 2G is activated on your iphone and don’t run any carrier data on your phone.

Step 2: Launch the Safari web browser and type

Step 3: Click on continue > Custom APN and create APN.

Once done till step 3, select your Country and Carrier of the SIM you have inserted in the iPhone and then hit create profile.

Step 4: Once profile is created click Install and confirm installation to your iPhone.

Step 5: Once complete step 1 to 4, Restart your iPhone.

Here you go.

* In case you have carrier locked iPhone, don't try this trick.

To remove this profile go to Settings -> General -> APN Carrier Settings (you need Scroll down). Click on Remove.

So, it's made quite easy to change APN for iPhone 4, 4s, 5


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