Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts Without Mouse Use

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts Without Mouse Use

We these days using Facebook most of the time to stay connected with our family and friends. We already know Facebook Chat Shortcuts, which are being used by Facebook users to insert Smiley and Emotions in Facebook Chat.

You all must be knowing Basic computer keyboard shortcuts which are quite useful in day to day working on computers and laptops. But we ever tried to think if Facebook also could have such keyboard Shortcuts and without using Mouse we can operate Facebook on web browser.

Let's learn today how to use Facebook Keyboard shortcuts to operate Facebook without using mouse.

Since we are using different operating system for our computers and different web browsers too, hence you can use below described shortcuts for given for each OS and browsers, where # stands for number mentioned for each of Facebook keyboard shortcuts to use without using mouse.

For Windows OS
Firefox modifier: Shift + Alt + #
Chrome modifier: Alt + #

For Mac OS
Firefox modifier: Control + #
Chrome modifier: Control + Option + #
Safari modifier: Control + Option + #

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook Keyboard shortcuts without mouse using

1 : home 
Facebook keyboard shortcut to goto home page of Facebook

Below is Understanding of usage:

For Windows OS
Firefox modifier Press Shift + Alt + 1
Chrome modifier Press Alt + 1

For Mac OS
Firefox modifier Press Control + 1
Chrome modifier Press Control + Option + 1
Safari modifier Press Control + Option + 1

2 : timeline/profile
Use this Facebook shortcut to jump to your own profile or timeline without using mouse.

3 : friends
Use 3 along with shortcuts keys to goto Facebook friends list.

4 : messages
You can use this Facebook keyboard shortcut to open All message window.

5 : notifications
Directly open notification area of your Facebook by using this shortcut with combination as per your browser and OS.

6 : general account settings
Facebook keyboard shortcut to open account settings without use of mouse.

7 : privacy settings
Open Privacy settings using given Keyboard shortcut.

8 : Facebook's Facebook page
You can open Facebook's page directly with keyboard shortcut number 8.

9 : legal terms
Open Facebook legal terms and conditions with keyboard shortcut.

0 : help center
Jump directly to Facebook Help center by this Facebook keyboard shortcut.

m : new message
As we already seen Facebook keyboard shortcut for All Messages, you can use combination with "m" to create new message in Facebook

? : search
We frequently require to Search friends and pages using Search Box in Facebook, this is keyboard shortcut which help you to use your FB more faster


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