How To View Your Facebook Profile as Someone Else, Public

View your Facebook Profile as Someone Else

See your own FB Profile as Public or Others

We always wondering what are Facebook Security Features we are using and how many of them are properly enabled. Sometimes It won't give much confident to users after disabling few of the Facebook Security. We always wonder or keen to know how our Facebook profile looks to others?

Here is your trick to look at your profile as someone else, or view your Facebook profile as public.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account with providing username and password

View FB Profile as Someone Else

Step 2: Click on your profile name at Top Left corner

View your Facebook Profile as Others

Step 3: Select from right corner of your Facebook Cover Photo where you can see a small gear-shaped icon (which is next to the “Activity Log” button). If we click that, a menu with the option to see your profile how others see it drops down. Click “View As” and you can see your profile change in appearance. New appearance shows your Facebook profile looks to others.
View Facebook Profile as Someone Else Public

Hope this tutorial teach you How to View your Facebook profile as Someone Else can see or how it looks for public. Based on this appearance you can redefine your Facebook Security if required.


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