Zoom Out Facebook Thumbnail Photo Possible Now

Zoom out Facebook Thumbnail Photo is Possible Now

It's quite easy to Zoom out Facebook thumbnail Photo and you can see it properly. As Facebook thumbnails are quite smaller and not easy to see properly sometimes. Using shown method, you can just take your mouse over any thumbnail on Facebook and without clicking you can see a larger image of the thumbnail pic.
Zoom out Facebook Thumbnail Photo

Let's see how we can zoom out a thumbnail photo on Facebook.

Step 1: Install extension for Google or Addon for Firefox, based on your browser.

Step 2: Restart your web browser

Step 3: Login to your Facebook Profile

Step 4: Take Mouse over any friend's thumbnail and just wait for a second (Don't click)

Step 5: you can see Zoom out image as per below

Facebook thumbnail Photo Zoom out enlarge

Hope this Facebook Magical trick will help you to use your Facebook in more better and faster way.

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