Change, Edit Facebook Profile Display Name 2013

How to Change Facebook Profile Display Name

Learn to Edit Displayname on Facebook Timeline

We generally create our Facebook profile and while creating sometime we doesn't realize on Display Name we apply. Later on we realize that Display Name on Facebook profile we choose needs to be changed. Fortunately Facebook allows us to change Display Name on our profile but they are clearly saying, we can change our displayname few times only, so don't keep changing your Facebook profile display name else Facebook may block you.

Let's follow few steps to Edit Display Name on Facebook Profile

#1 Once Login in your Facebook account, select Accounts --> "Account Settings" option from top right corner

how to change display name in facebook profile

#2 General Account Settings window will appear, Click "Edit" option in front of "Name" where you can see your current display Name

how to change display name in facebook profile

#3 Change the First Name and Last Name you want for your Facebook Profile. You may chose "Nick Name" for your profile as well, for example if you want your Display name to appear in English and Nick name in Gujarati, Hindi or other regional language, you can do so by using Nick Name option.

how to change display name in facebook profile

Once Done, enter your password for verification and click "Save Changes"

Hope this exercise will help you to Change or Edit your Facebook Display Name on your FB profile.


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