Email Big Attachments Free | Send Large Files

Email Big Attachments Free | Send Large Files

Email Big attachments free

We now a days use Internet and Emails for most of our personal and professional needs. While sending large files over the internet we are facing lots of issues, because of Email server limitation, upload speed disturbance etc. We have seen most of the times email server give you some limit to send large attachments through email and you may able to send files having certain size. And hence we won't be able to Email big attachments or send Large files in Email.

You always can use cloud services to upload file and share with friends, which I will in another tutorials. But here we are talking about sending Big size files in email as Large attachments.

We can use some 3rd party Free software to split the file into multiple files and send them across email and recipient will join them after downloading.

How to Split Large Files to send in email as attachment?

Download Free HJ Split Software

Press 'split' in the main window

Email send large files in attachments

You can Select file to split and also mention size.

Email Big attachments Free software

Click Start button to split the file. Once message appears with successful split you can get all split files into same folder as original file. You can see new files with extensions like .001, .002 etc.

Split big files to send as email attachments

Now you can send all these new small sized files in email to your friend with link of this article to explain next step to re-Join files to make it large size file.

How to Join Split Files after sending in email?

Download Free HJ Split Software (If not downloaded earlier)

Press 'join' in the main window

Email big attachments files free

Select files to join' (only *.001 files will be shown)

Send large attachments files in email for free

Press 'start'

You will get a message Once joining is done and you will get Joined file in same directory as of split files.

Hope this tutorial would have teach you how to split large files into multiple files and send that into email attachment with the use of free software tool.


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