Increase Typing Speed | Type Faster on Keyboard

Increase Typing Speed | Type Faster On Keyboard

fast typing increase speed

As all of use Computer, laptop, tablet, mobiles most of the time in our routine life. It's always time consuming if you are weak in typing. You can increase typing speed by keeping few tips in mind to type faster. Let me explain you basic tips to increase typing speed and type faster.

Before we learn how to increase typing speed, let me teach you few basics about typing.

  • Typing speed is measured in WPM (words per minute)
  • To measure WPM, one word is 5 characters as per industry standards.
  • Type without looking at keyboard is called touch typing.

Body Position

body position for faster typing speed

To increase typing speed you need to learn what should be the best body position which will help you to type faster. Always sit straight and your chair/stood should have enough height to allow you to sit comfortable and you can see your monitor without any stress.  It's never advisable to type using nails (specially girls) or fingertips.Your palm should touch the surface where the keyboard placed or at the end of the keyboard.

Remember/memorize each keys of keyboard

memorize keyboard type faster

To increase your typing speed, you always needs to memorize each and every keys available on keyboard and memorize their position and where they placed on keyboard. To improve touch typing this is most important step. If you are beginner, you may face difficulties and made mistakes by typing without seeing the keyboard, but slowly you will learn from your mistakes and you will be able to type each character without looking down and that's when you can do faster typing and increase your typing speed.

Position of your Hands

hand position on keyboard to increase typing speed

It's always important to position your both hands properly over keyboard to increase typing speed and type faster. Never use one hand to type, only use of both hands will increase your typing speed. Place your hands in a way that your one of the Thumb can be utilized for space bar and index finger of both hands will be over "F" and "J" respectively.

Practice by typing from books or newspapers

More practice will help you to increasing your typing speed more faster. To type faster you always keep typing considering above points in mind and take any books or newspapers and start typing on notepad or other typing editor to improve your typing speed.

Use Keyboard Basic Shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts for faster typing
Basic Keyboard shortcuts also helps a lot to increase typing speed. If you are doing some routine and using basic keyboard shortcuts you definitely can type faster. For example, formatting text, align text etc. will take more time while you are typing some document because you need to use mouse to do those things. But keyboard shortcuts can help you to achieve this without touching mouse.

Online typing Test and Games

By using some online available typing tests and Games will help to increase your grip on keyboard and increase typing speed. Soon I will provide you best sites you can use to get typing test and play some typing games.

Don't Forget
  • Your indexes should be placed on F and J
  • Do maximum touch typing, don't look at keyboard and always keep your eyes on monitor
  • Use same finger all the time to press same key
Hope this tutorial would helped you to increase your typing speed and type much faster without looking at keyboard. Soon we will provide you list of best online typing practice tools.


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