Indian invented first Braille smartphone to help blind users

Indian invented first Braille smartphone to help blind users

smartphone for blind braille

Smartphone's have given a big change to a normal person's life and help a non technical person too into using advanced technology in their routine life and that too without having much technical knowledge. Recently Indian company has developed first braille smartphone to help blind smartphone users with the use of that they can read SMS or emails easily on their phone.

As per report an company at IIM-A has developed this unique smartphone to help blinds and very soon this will come to the market for users.

At IIM - Ahmedabad at (CIIE) Centre for Innovation Incubation and Enterpreneurship Mr. Sumit Dagar's team has developed this smartphone which is going to be quite popular among blidn people as they can easily read (listen) SMS or emails as well as send SMS or emails in any regional or international languages they wants, smartphone will converts it into blind-friendly braille mode.

As per reports and interview of Mr. Dagar "Smartphone is based on an innovative touch screen which will be capable of elevating and depressing the contents it receives to transform them into touchable patterns.”. He said this idea undertook 3 years back when he was at NID (National institute of Design).

As per Mr. Sumit, he is now collaborating with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi to develop the “world’s first braille smartphone.”

Let's wait for more news on the same and we all wish such innovation will surely give proud to India.


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